Ryan’s Corner: LAC November Newsletter

Topic of the Month: Gift Giving Ideas for Anyone Interested in Lifting

This month we are going to talk about some great gift ideas for people who are interested in getting started in lifting weights and hoping to continue after the new year. 

One of my favorite things to wear when I workout and throughout the day is my Apple Watch. This is a great tool to track my steps throughout the day as well as my progress through my workout. 

Before my Apple Watch, I had a Fitbit, which I also used to track my steps and heart rate. I also like that they both have the capabilities to track your sleep. Here is a great article that talks about the benefits of a smartwatch for fitness: Benefits of Fitness Tracker.

By having a smartwatch you can set goals, stay accountable and compete with friends. You can set up fun challenges with your friends which can make you work a little harder to get your goals each day.

Some other ideas for Christmas gifts are equipment people can use to workout at home. A yoga mat, light dumbbells and resistance bands are good and affordable ideas to get your friends and loved ones. These are great for people that want to workout at home when there isn’t time to go to the gym. We talked about some at home exercises the past few months that would utilize this equipment.

Gift giving can be tough, but hopefully some of these ideas will be helpful for you this holiday season!

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