Ryan’s Corner: LAC July Newsletter

Topic of the Month: Types of Exercising

The past few months we have focused on weight lifting, and the different types of weight lifting, but this month we are going to do a quick look at the different types of exercises to stay active.

It is always important to keep active but be sure to change up your workouts. This will benefit your body and it will make it more interesting when you are working out. You won’t get bored doing the same thing everytime you go into the gym.

Different types of training options include:

Cardio Training: Riding a bike, running, waking….basically anything that increases your resting heart rate

Sports Training: Basketball, soccer, tennis…pickleball!

Weight Training: Body weight training, machines or dumbells

Flexibility/Balance Training: Yoga, stretching or pilates

Here is a great article that talks about the differences and the importance of each.

When doing any sort of fitness training, it’s always helpful to keep a record of your workout and track your milestones. This not only helps you vary the types of workouts you’re doing, which we know is important, but will highlight your achievements and will allow you to track key measurements like running distance/time, how often you workout, heaviness of weights, etc. Even before you start to see the benefits of your fitness regime in your waistline or endurance level, you will find satisfaction seeing your accomplishments on paper which, believe it or not, will reinforce the behavior and ultimately make you more successful.

I also really like to set realistic goals for myself with my workouts. By doing this, it helps to keep me motivated and is an incentive to workout. Here is a helpful article that talks about setting the right goal for you.

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