Ryan’s Corner – June LAC Newsletter

Topic of the Month: Weight Lifting

Last month we talked about the benefits of weight lifting and how important it can be to your health. This month we are going to go over the different types of weight lifting that you can adjust to fit your goals. 

Here is a great article that talks about different types of weight lifting and the benefits of each type.These weight training options can be tweaked to fit your lifestyle and your goals. My favorites are bodybuilding and circuit training. I like keeping my heartrate up and keep moving to each exercise. 

You can build muscle without dumbbells and weights.

Bodyweight exercises; push ups, sit-ups, body weight squats, etc, are great when you don’t have all of the machines. Building muscle and strength can still happen with bodyweight exercises. This article is great to see the different types of exercises you can do at home if LAC is closed or without any machines/dumbbells.

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