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Ryan’s Corner: December

Topic of the Month: New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is coming and with that is always an urge to start working out and losing weight. This leads to New Year’s resolutions, not only for fitness, but in life as well. These can be a good way to start your goals, but don’t let your New Year’s resolutions be a one-and-done goal. What tends to happen for a lot, myself included, is to make a New Year’s resolution and then not fully complete it. 
What I do now is set fitness goals, but I use my previous goals I have had the entire year to build from. Being consistent is what I find helps me obtain goals and keep myself accountable. Routines can be monotonous, but are also a great way to keep you going through your fitness journey. 
For me, I work out immediately after work so that I’m not tempted to stay home relaxing and not feel like going to the gym. I take my gym bag and clothes to work so I can change there and head straight to the gym. By doing it right after work, it makes me stay on top of my workouts. 
For some it helps to work out in the morning before work. My wife prefers to work out in the morning because it gives her energy throughout the day. Whatever routine you find that helps you stay motivated, stick to it.
With New Year’s resolutions, I work on fitness goals I have, (lifting a certain weight so many times or working out so many times a week) but also try to set goals for myself other than lifting. Being a more positive person, trying new things and traveling are some examples. Setting small goals to start and increasing them each time will help you continue your journey and keep you motivated. 
Here is an article that lists some good health goals as well as life goals that can be used for your New Year’s resolution. Good luck! I’d love to hear what your goals are this year!

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