Newly Created BPS Foundation Endowment Offers Donors Opportunity to Support Long-Term Sustainability

The Bellevue Public Schools Foundation uses corporate sponsorships, individual donations and profit from the Kids’ Time before-and-after-school childcare program to help fund student scholarships, teacher grants and a variety of BPS District projects and initiatives that fall outside budget parameters.  

As mindful stewards of its financial gifts, the BPS Foundation has partnered with Thrivent, a Fortune 500 not-for-profit financial services organization, to create an endowment fund in an effort to support the long-term financial strength of the BPS Foundation.

An endowment fund is an investment portfolio with the initial capital deriving from donations. Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts. Donations to endowment funds are tax-deductible.

While endowment funds can be used to fund specific programs (like student scholarships) or large-scale projects (think renovations or building projects), the BPSF endowment fund was created as an “unrestricted” fund as a means to support a wide-range of long-term goals. 

Once fully funded, endowments offer non-profits an additional, sustainable stream of revenue that will grow over time thanks to the power of compound interest.      

BPSF is thinking about tomorrow and through its newly created endowment working to build a stronger financial future with endless possibilities. More information will be available soon with details on how to donate to the BPS Foundation endowment fund.