March Kids’ Speak

Spring break has come and gone but we still wanted to hear how the Kids’ Time kiddos had planned to enjoy their week off from school. Check out their heartwarming answers to the question “What is something fun you have planned for spring break?”


Charlie (Charlotte) (K): I am going to go outside and play “dog” with my sister. 

Olivia (3rd): We are getting ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!!!

Riley (2nd): I am going to bake a lot of treats with my mom. 


Emily (3rd): We’re going to go on a trip to Kansas and stay at a hotel with a pool.

Kaleo (K): I’m going to play on my tablet the WHOLE spring break!


Dawson (2nd): Buy more Pokémon cards.

Aiden (6th): Hang out with my mom. She’s a traveling nurse and will be home!

Shekeem (3rd): Play Fortnight.


Alex (2nd): Went to visit my grandma. 

Auroralei: Universal Studios 

Ava (4th): Went to a friend’s house.

Ada (1st): Went to work with my mom on base.

Twin Ridge:

Ella (4th): Go to a friend’s wedding.

Paula (3rd): Shopping!!!!

Cruz (2nd): I am going to see the “The Batman” movie and play with legos.

Wake Robin:

Autumn (4th): Going to my grandma’s.

Harrison (K): Going to Coco Keys.

Ashlyn (4th): Going to Chicago to see people I don’t really know.

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