Kids’ Time Newsletter – Kids’ Speak November

Thanksgiving is over and we’ve all spent some time reflecting on all the things we are thankful for, but we still wanted to hear from the kids! So we asked them! Check out the answers to “what are you most thankful for and why?”

Leonard Lawrence:

Jacob (1st): I am thankful for my home because it keeps me warm.

Allison (4th): I am thankful for my family because they are the best!

Jacob (5th): I am thankful for my mom because she birthed me. 

Katelynn (6th): I am thankful for Miss Mindy because she is the best teacher!

Madi Cox (2nd): I am thankful for my health so we can live.

Wake Robin:

Ashlyn (4th): Food

Chloe (4th): Loving mother, brother, and family

Carter (4th): Football

Cora (3rd): Friends, food, my house, clothes, family, my grandparents, and lots more.

Israel (2nd): Oxygen

LIa (4th): Friends and Family

Jayden (2nd): Family

Jackson (6th): Money

Peter Sarpy:

Jessica (2nd): Family because I love them.

Leia (1st):Family because they make me have good feelings.

Desmond (K): Family because I like them.

Amias (K): That I got to go to Texas, they make me happy.

Caleb (4th): Family, I like to be around them.

Aeril (3rd): My sister because she is very sweet.

Fort Crook:

Gabriel: My race track.

Kia: My sister.

Catalina: My sister who didn’t die like her twin.

Stanley: My PS1

Bennett: My parents and the Kids Time teachers.

Cooper: My family and the kids at my school.

Owen: My family.

Bertha Barber:

Fern: I like decorating the tree.

Jessy: I love being with family.

Tanner: I like being with all my family.

Twin Ridge:

Owen (1st): My fuzzy bear socks. For when I’m cuddling with my mom.

Drew (2nd): Family and Friends! I like spending time with them.

Isabella (2nd): Life – because I am happy that no one in my family is sick. 

Lily (4th): Health and Happiness. Because there really important right now.

Elijah (2nd): My Family, because I am going to have a new baby sister soon.

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