January Kids’ Speak

The beginning of the year is a great time to set goals, refresh one’s perspective and start thinking ahead to all that’s on the horizon for the coming year. To kick-off a year of good things to come, we asked, “What are you looking forward to the most in 2022?”

Wake Robin
Caiden, 5th – To help kids get toys.
Hank, K – Going to the pool.
Isreal, 2nd – Going to Minnesota.
Grant, 1st – Getting new transformers.
Autumn, 4th – Being a good human being.

Twin Ridge
Owen, 1st – The Coronavirus being gone.
Zoee, 3rd – My birthday because it is January 21!
Drew, 2nd – My sleepover at my “Oma’s house (Grandma).
Donovan, 6th – Going to Middle School in Fall 2022.
Joseph, K – Celebrating the 4th of July.
Isabella, 2nd – Moving into our new house.

Leonard Lawrence
Harper, 5th – I’m looking forward to the summer since we are going to Estes Park in Colorado. 
Emma, 4th – I’m looking forward to my birthday because it’s cool. 
Kayla, 4th – I’m looking forward to summer vacation and my birthday.

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