February Kids’ Speak

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but we still wanted to hear how the Kids’ Time kiddos express affection for their relatives and friends. Check out the heartwarming answers below to the question “How do you show your love for your family and/or friends?”

Adrianna, (4) – Going to give them a hug, kiss them and then make them breakfast.
Bronson, (K) – By giving them a hug.
Kolten, (K) – Be good and be responsible.

Viviana, (2nd) – I be nice, give gifts, give souvenirs from places I go. I also give lots of hugs. 
Owen, (2nd) – I give them a hug and kiss every night. 
Mon’Tae, (3rd) – I hug them before I go to sleep. I compliment the food they make. 

Peter Sarpy:
Jessica, (2nd) – Take them to dinner.
Vivian, (K) – Watch movies with my Dad.
Caydee, (K) – Giving them presents.

Twin Ridge:
Drew, (2nd) – Give them a hug.
Javen, (4th) – Helping my mom, when she really needs help.
Lily, (4th) – Always loving them, no matter what.

Two Springs:
Kellen, (6th) – Spend time with them and joke around with them.
Sebastian, (1st) – By giving them hugs, having fun and playing hide & seek.
Rosie, (K) – By playing with my sister and playing with my dog.

Wake Robin:
Hendrix, (2) – I would give them hugs and kisses.
Kingston, (K) – I give them cards.
Carter, (1) – I would turn off my phone and talk to them.

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